Season 3

Episode 105: Mummies Alive!

Nov. 3, 2022

From Kenner we get Mummies Alive! A line that was accompanied with a cartoon to help with the story line, but this one would barley last 2 releases. The molds on this line would be the mummies saving grace.

Episode 104: AHI World Famous Super Monsters

Oct. 28, 2022

Spooky season and so you know we will talk all about some monsters. This year we look back at AHI's World Famous Super Monsters. This line might looks just like the REMCO and Lincoln lines, but this one is better!

Episode 103: Beetlejuice!

Oct. 25, 2022

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! This week we look back at the toy line that was sparked by the 1988 movie of the same name released by Kenner Toys. Listen up and keep an eye out for the beloved Freelance Bio-Exorcist!

Episode 102: Manglor

Oct. 7, 2022

In 1984, the IDEAL Toy Company wanted to let the kids get new action figures and then tear them apart. The idea they would be able to put them back together was the plan, but did that work, or would it fail?

Episode 101: Action Jackson

Sept. 29, 2022

Straight from the early 70's we get MEGOs first run of action figures, Action Jackson. At 8-inches these figures were just smaller than the first GI Joes, but was never able to stand-up to them in sales or accessory count.