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3 Beers and a Mic Podcast

You have reached the official page for the 3 Beers and a Mic podcast. We are 3 geeks drin…

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The Dorksmen

We are pop culture-loving Funko Funatics, on a mission to show the world why pineapple do…

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The Movie Gap

The podcast that explores the mind of a grown-ass man who hasn't seen any quintessential …

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Secondary Heroes Podcast

The world of Pop Culture is as vibrant as ever, and The Secondary Heroes will provide wee…

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The Burt Reynolds and Charles Bronson P…

Looking at projects involving Burt Reynolds and Charles Bronson that span their entire ca…

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The Dan Aykroyd Podcast.

This will be a review of projects involving Dan Aykroyd. It will be a full review of the …

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Front Row Negative

This is a show that is really about nothing and everything. Our opinions are meaningless,…

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The Art of Bore Podcast

The Worst Thing You'll Ever Hear.

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Each episode we explore the life of our guest through the art of fast food/ chain restaur…

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Beering Ain't Easy

Beering Ain't Easy is your podcast for beer humor, dad humor, and beer tastings from Texa…

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The STS Guys

The STS Guys is a weekly pop culture podcast. No …

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Toy Rewind Podcast

Toys, toys and more toys. A trio of brothers decided to get together and table about old …

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Hot Tub Beer

Hanging out in the hot tub while drinking and reviewing craft beer. Occasional guests are…

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Which Is More Gooder?

In this podcast we look at two projects that are similar. Myself and my guest talk about …

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Deep Dive N 2 A Dive Bar

Stories you would hear at a dive bar

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Big Time Fresh

In a world where we think we know everyone and everything, Big Time Fresh features conver…

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Inside Houston Real Estate

Inside Houston Real Estate is for buyers, sellers, current homeowners and industry pros. …

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Recent Episodes

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads

Sept. 23, 2022

Ricky joins me to talk about my strategies on how I help musicians and artists get out of the negative self-doubt and celebrate their progress. But for the two of us....Are we successful or are we just adequate at checking o…

This Is As Far As You Go: Prey

Sept. 21, 2022

When you come face-to-face with a Predator... all you can do is.... PREY. This week we dive into the newest installment of the Predator franchise as offered up by Hulu! Naminspace.

Secondary Heroes: Check In!

Sept. 19, 2022

Its been a weird few weeks for all of us and we finally get a chance to get together and discuss the hot topics in media, what we are watching/listening to and what we look forward to coming this fall! --- Send in a voice …

Finding Chemo: Thor Love and Thunder

Sept. 19, 2022

Bernie, Dwayne and Scott are back to talk MCU. This time its Thor Love and Thunder. They are joined again by Mike Jack to get his deep insights to the movie!!!!

Ep 3 Buying a House Do's and Don'ts

Sept. 19, 2022

Ronald is back with Craig and Mark this episode to talk about buying a house. Make sure you check out our new and give us a follow.

Actual Shrimp Chunks Season 2 Stats

Sept. 15, 2022

We are joined once again by Stat Boy to go over the stats for season 2. Find out who wins what awards!   Cheers!!!