Season 1

Episode 050: Hot Wheels

Aug. 5, 2021

Learn about how Hot Wheels got a start in 1968 and quickly became a competitor for Matchbox. You know you search through them every time you see them in the toy isle, but you truly don't know what you are looking for, just s…

Episode 049: Strawberry Shortcake

July 29, 2021

Join us for a berry sweet episode all about Strawberry Shortcake and her world of friends, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Torte, Plum Pudding, Orange Blossom, Lemon Meringue and so many more. These classic dolls from the 80's w…

Episode 048: GI Joe [3-inch]

July 22, 2021

When knowing is half the battle, we brought in one of the biggest GI Joe fans we know. Join us and Scott from The STS Guys as we chat about that 3-inch line of GI Joe released by Hasbro from 1982 till 1994.

Episode 047: Star Trek - The Motion Picture

July 15, 2021

Our continued mission: To research and bring the facts about toy lines from the past to be enjoyed during the preset, and the go boldly when so many kids have played before. Yes we talked about the Star Trek: The Motion Pict…

Episode 046: Buddy Dolls

July 8, 2021

My Buddy, Kid Sister, My Pet Monster, Glo Worm, Pillow People, and Raggedy Ann and Andy; just a small bundle of lines that fall under the umbrella of 'Buddy Dolls'. These lines have quick histories and we jammed them all int…

Episode 045: Big Wheels

July 1, 2021

We drifted right into episode 45 with this great history talk about the Original Big Wheel and the Green Machine by Marx Toys. This is where all the little ones learned to love speed and spinning those little trikes in circl…

Episode 044: ThunderCats

June 24, 2021

All the way from Third Earth, the Brothers Newland sit back and talk about the LJN toy line of the ThunderCats. Learn about how this toy line is unique from many of its counterparts and why we only got 3 waves of these toys.

Episode 043: Furby

June 17, 2021

Doo-oo-tye? We took some time to talk about Furbies that came directly out of the late 90's. From a weird language to being banned by the NSA, the Furbies have seen and heard a lot. They also freak a lot of people out. Kah b…

Episode 042: Inhumanoids

June 3, 2021

Another Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel tv show comes to life through a toy line released by Hasbro, seems like we have talked about this before.... We talked about the Inhumanoids from 1986 this week and discovered another …

Episode 041: Johnny Lightning

May 27, 2021

Listen and learn all about how these small die-cast started from a small run, to some crazy molds with multiple engines. Multiple toy companies keeping the Johnny Lightning line so many chances to succeed. These little die-c…

Episode 040: Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

May 20, 2021

Karate movies, action movies, tv shows, and even exercise equipment; the one and only Chuck Norris has done it all. He even started a cartoon that had a Kenner toy line all designed by the Karate master himself. Sit back and…

Episode 039: DC Super Powers Collection

May 13, 2021

Under the roof of The Justice League, we came together and discussed the amazing toy line released in the mid-80's by Kenner Toys. The Super Powers Collection and all its glory had a sad end, but a glorious ride while it was…

Episode 038: Ronin Warriors

May 6, 2021

We sat down with a couple of the most average guests we could find, Jorge (Toys R Us Kid) and Dave (The Dork Knight) to talk about the 1995 toy line released by Playmates. Enjoy as we learn more history than ever with the Ro…

Episode 037: Slot Cars

April 29, 2021

In 1991, we got a slot car track, and we spent a lot of time with that track. We talked about that track and the history behind slot cars from the beginning to the professional tracks that are used today.

Episode 036: Rainbow Brite

April 15, 2021

We get Brite this week as we take a trip over the rainbow and talk all about Rainbow Brite and the Sprites that live in and around Color Castle. Rainbow's history wasn't bland and we dig in deep as we get a history and how s…

Episode 035: Nintendo Entertainment System

April 8, 2021

We talked about the video game system that changed everything for so many kids. Thats right the Classic Nintendo Entertainment System and all its 8-bit glory. That tow-toned square box that sat perfectly on top of your conso…

Episode 034: 80s Knockoffs

April 1, 2021

This April Fools, we wanted to bing you a whole episode dedicated to fooling people, and no better way to do that than to talk about the toys designed and developed to fool people into thinking they are the real deal!

Episode 033: Godzilla

March 25, 2021

We look back at the the many Godzilla figures that have been on the shelves over the years and discuss the collectability of each one from his early days to more recent figures. Also be sure to listen for that roar!

Episode 032: Cabbage Patch Kids

March 18, 2021

From the gardens to your beds, the Cabbage Patch Kids have been around for almost 40 years and have changed the doll industry and the toy industry. Listen up and learn about how these dolls came to be such a outstanding line.

Episode 031: Super Naturals

March 11, 2021

The year was 1987, and holograms were everywhere; but they never seemed to work for toys. Tonka spun out the Super Naturals to compete with the Visionaries from Hasbro but they sadly saw the same fate.

Episode 030: My Little Pony

March 4, 2021

Magical Ponies with brushable hair and accessories — what more could a kid ask for? Listen up as we talk about one of the most popular non-posable figures from the 80's that graced the toy aisle. These My Little Pony figures…

Episode 029: GI Joe (12-inch)

Feb. 25, 2021

The Brothers Newland were joined this week by the STS Guys to talk about the ORIGINAL action figure, the 12-inch GI Joe line. Where action figures were born with all the articulation that a young boy could ask for. And the d…

Episode 028: BraveStarr

Feb. 11, 2021

Another toy line from Mattel and Filmation; you could assume it would be another hit like the MOTU line, but it was nothing of the sort. Travel to New Texas with the Brothers Newland and learn what went wrong with this space…

Episode 027: Bugmen of Insecta

Feb. 4, 2021

Insecta... the insect world, and the 5 nations to rule Insecta. What a back story the Bugmen of Insecta have, but they didn't land in may kids toyboxes. Listen and learn about these 4" figures that graced the toy shelves in …

Episode 026: M.U.S.C.L.E.

Jan. 28, 2021

Millions of what everywhere? Yep, we dug deep into the world of M.U.S.C.L.E. to get the background and find out where all the millions of figures came from and what kinda accessories they came with. Who wouldn't want to play…

Episode 025: Pound Puppies

Jan. 21, 2021

Remember those plush dogs and cats that everybody had in the 80's? Yeah we talked about Pound Puppies and how these love-able long eared animals made it big in Canada before even being considered in the US.

Episode 024: Visionaries

Jan. 14, 2021

Technology is no more, and these action figures must now depend on magic to save or rule the world of Prysmos. Join us as we as we talk about Visionaries, a small line of toys that depended on a holographic gimmick that just…

Episode 023: Transformers G1

Jan. 7, 2021

We rewind all the way back to 1984 and rediscover the origins of The Transformers this week. Along side our Special Guest, Sully from Nerds Unite, we go through each year of the Generation 1 Transformers line and talk about …

Episode 022: Board Games [Parker Brothers]

Dec. 31, 2020

Growing up, board games were a huge part of our lives. We talked about some of the best within the Parker Brothers realm this week. Sit back and enjoy a conversation about ours and your favorite board games.

Episode 021: Happy Meal Toys [1979-84]

Dec. 24, 2020

Remember all those Happy Meal Toys you got when you were a kid, but have no idea where they are now? Yep, we talked about the start of how McDonald's got started with Happy Meals and the toys that came in the first 6 years.

Episode 020: Masters of the Universe

Dec. 17, 2020

By the power of Grayskull, we have the power to talk about Masters of the Universe this week. We traveled to Eternia and talked about all things MOTU this week, with special guest Damien from the Geek Together Podcast. Liste…

Episode 019: Crash Dummies

Dec. 10, 2020

We crashed into the Tyco Crash Dummies toy line this week. Loads of fun with these guys that originated from an interesting place. Learn more about Vince, Larry and where Darlene went. Buckle up and get ready for a fun ride.

Episode 018: WWF SuperStars

Dec. 3, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the guest himself, from Austin, Texas and the STS Guys, LARRY! Thats right, Larry joined us to talk about the WWF SuperStars from LJN Toys that we all loved to fight with.

Episode 017: SilverHawks

Nov. 26, 2020

Partly metal, partly real, mostly....forgotten? Metallic paint, silver wings and companion birds. What else could we be talking about but SilverHawks. The space cousins of ThunderCats and the toy line released by Kenner. We …

Episode 016: Robo Force

Nov. 19, 2020

We somehow talked longer than this line actually existed. Learn more about how Robo Force came from a single robot, to a single cartoon episode, and then for the most part forgotten. We dive in deep and talk all about these …

Episode 015: Lego Bricks

Nov. 12, 2020

Building an episode around LEGO Bricks this week! We talked about LEGO, where they started and where they are now. And learn just how many LEGO were around the Newland household as we grew up. Who has them now and where can …

Episode 014: M.A.S.K.

Nov. 5, 2020

This week the Brothers Newland were joined by Joey from The Four Dorksmen to talk about M.A.S.K. This awesome toy line directly from Kenner in the 80's was a combination of G.I. Joe and Transformers that came along with a ca…

Episode 013: Ghostbusters

Oct. 29, 2020

There's something strange in the podcast lines, who did we call? GHOSTBUSTERS! That's right its Halloween time and we talked about the REAL Ghostbusters toy line from Kenner toys that released from 1986-91.

Episode 012: Smurfs

Oct. 22, 2020

We were invaded by the little blue guys (and one Smurfette) this week and talked all about The Smurfs. From the pages of a small comic strip to the hearts of so many people, the Smurfs have been pretty consistent through the…

Episode 011: Dino-Riders

Oct. 15, 2020

This week we talked about the 1988-90 toy line Dino-Riders. From the heroic Valorians to the evil Rulon, these toys were awesome and had the technology to back it up. With a short running show to support the toys, the Dino-R…

Episode 010: Micro Machines

Oct. 8, 2020

It's our fastest episode yet! Yep, we talked about Micro Machines and even tried on the Micro Machines slogan like the Amazing John Moschitta Jr. From Galoob to Hasbro, get the history behind these fat flying cars.

Episode 009: Care Bears

Oct. 1, 2020

Tenderheart, Funshine, Grumpy, and Bedtime Bear are just a few of the Care Bears that we talked about this week. We didn't try a Care Bear Stare, bit this week's episode is not one you will want to miss.

Episode 008: Barbie

Sept. 24, 2020

One of the largest toy lines that dates back all the way to the 1950's, yep we talked about Barbie and all her fashion over the years. Did you know there are over 200 different eye colors you can get a Barbie in?

Episode 007: Spy Toys

Sept. 17, 2020

In honor of our 7th episode, this week we talk about James Bond 007 and Spy Tech by Tyco. All these amazing spy toys to let the kids act like they were secret agents along with some of the best toys from the Bond movies.

Episode 006: Bionic Six

Sept. 10, 2020

A family brought together by fate, and given superpowers through the miracle of modern science! Yep, we talked about Bionic Six this week and learned how this family got a short cartoon run along with a small toy line.

Episode 005: Voltron

Sept. 3, 2020

Black, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red..... thats right this week we talk about Voltron: Defender of the Universe and LJN toys developed with the show. From Panosh Place and Bandai to Funko and Lego, just about everybody has had…

Episode 004: Star Wars

Aug. 27, 2020

It's Star Wars Celebration and the brothers are talking about the original Kenner Toys line for Star Wars. Along with Star Wars toy talk, learn what each brother dislikes about the the full Star Wars Saga.

Episode 003: NERF

Aug. 20, 2020

There's only one Nerf. Listen up as the brothers take you back in time to the days of the world's first official indoor ball. Get some history on the Nerf balls and learn things like how the Monkees and Kool-Aid are part of …

Episode 002: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Aug. 13, 2020

Cowabunga! This week the brothers discuss the 1988-97 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) toy line released by Playmates Toys. Developed from the comic written by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird of Mirage Studios.

Episode 001: Centurions Power Xtreme

Aug. 6, 2020

This week we talk about Centurion Power Xtreme from Kenner toys in the mid 80s. We also get a quick background on each of the brothers and find out which one of them would lead the Newland Centurions.