Beering Ain't Easy

Beering Ain't Easy

Beering Ain't Easy is your podcast for beer humor, dad humor, and beer tastings from Texas and beyond. We're not brewers, we're not beer professionals, and frankly we don't give a shit. We just want to talk about craft beer and BS with you. Open the fridge door, grab a cold one, pop the top, and drink with us!

Recent Episodes

March 3, 2023

Does the Color of Your Beer Affect its Taste?

Does the color of your beer affect how it tastes? Is Saint Patrick’s day and its green beer ruining your favorite lager? You better believe that the Beering Ain’t Easy podcast is here to conduct the experiments that no one …

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Feb. 14, 2023

The Austin Drip

Adam returns on this episode to share some great beers from Austin and we gush all about the beer scene in Dripping Springs! And of course in addition to the beer we stray off course with some truly ridiculous and …

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Jan. 31, 2023

Negative Space at Ludicrous Speed

After we had so much fun tasting verticals and horizontals during our Eureka Heights episode, Ryan and Drew are back at it again with none other than the Negative Space Milk Stout from 11 Below Brewing! Come find out all …

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Jan. 18, 2023

Time Machine: Best Beers of 2010

Join the Beering Ain’t Easy podcast as we jump in a time machine to drink the top 5 beers of 2010 (hint hint one is a big one!). But that’s not all - we’re going to give you the full …

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Dec. 20, 2022

Beer World Records

Ryan and Drew use their extensive research to tell you about beer-related world records so you don’t have to google them for yourself! And don’t google them, because we may have made some of these up. Plus, do kids ever …

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Nov. 15, 2022

Going Nuclear: A Eureka Heights Tasting

Stout Season is here! Ryan and Drew go full-on “nucular” by tasting a variety of Eureka Heights Nuke the Whales Imperial Milk Stouts aged across multiple years and their variants. What can go wrong with drinking four 11% ABV stouts? …

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About the Hosts

AdamProfile Photo



This father of three hails from the suburbs of Houston, TX but has not abandoned his corn-fed Iowan roots. Some of his strengths include beer chugging, letting his kids run wild at breweries, and incorrectly choosing beers during blind taste tests.

DrewProfile Photo


Host / Producer

This father of three hails from the suburbs of Houston, TX but unlike Adam, does not hesitate to abandon his Arkansan roots. Some of his strengths include beer memes, saving money by being a lightweight, and bad impersonations.

RyanProfile Photo


Beering Ain't Easy Family

This father of one hails from the suburbs of Houston, TX even though he hasn’t fully accepted his move away from city life. Some of his strengths include drinking more craft beer than Adam and Drew, evaluating mouthfeel, and being able to use beer culture buzzwords to sound like he knows what he’s talking about. 2021 Beer Olympics Grand Champion.

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