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I'll See You In The Begining, Friend: TENET

June 16, 2021

This week we start at the beginning, then go to the middle and then back some, then we go before the beginning. We then go to the end by passing the middle, and all of it is foward and backwards. Confused? You aren't alone a…

Guest: Ed Ball

"Say I'm Sick" Say it Backwards!: AMADEUS

May 26, 2021

HAHAHAhahaha, yes! We are back again with a new episode of The Movie Gap! This week we are rejoined by fan favorites AP Stark and Ed Ball (also known as Apocalyptic Pussy and the Resident Brit!) for a concerto of conversatio…

Guests: A. P. Stark , Ed Ball

I Was The Next Man!: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Jan. 6, 2021

It's the Holy Grail of Indy movies and Bryce has now finally seen it! We have a mini CSz Houston reunion as we are joined by fan-favorites Ed, Miguel, and Scott!

Rosebud: Citizen Kane

Dec. 9, 2020

That's right, The Movie Gap goes toe-to-toe with the proclaimed "Greatest film of all time", Citizen Kane! What's more, BRYCE HAD ALREADY SEEN IT! (Chase too, of course.) However, fan-favorite's Ed and Stark had not so we fi…

Guests: A. P. Stark , Ed Ball

A Lot Of Holes In The Desert: CASINO

Aug. 26, 2020

We add another notch in our Scorsese tally this week. We watch Casino and are once again joined by our resident Scorsesephile, Ed Ball! Is this film a masterpiece of its own or just Goodfellas warmed over?

Guest: Ed Ball

Simon Says: Die Hard With A Vengeance

July 22, 2020

Its our 2nd anniversary here at The Movie Gap! In keeping with our annual tradition, we are joined by Ed and Miguel to talk about another Die Hard movie, Die Hard With a Vengeance! Does it hold up to time, the sequel, or the…

I Am Inevitable: AVENGERS ENDGAME (MCU Phase 3, Pt 5)

June 11, 2020

We made it to the end, AVENGERS: ENDGAME that is! Our journey through the MCU has been long and exciting. Once again we are joined by The Movie Gap Expanded Universe and it all culminates with an epic REBOOT/RECAST!

Mr. Stark? I Don't Feel So Good: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

June 3, 2020

We have finally made it to the end of over a decade of films, and in a month no less. The first half of the Infinity Saga needed more than just us so we brought in four friends to help break it down.

My Sons Were Better Men: THE PATRIOT

April 15, 2020

Bryce watched THE PATRIOT for the first time and we dive deep into this film. What will he have to say about American Braveheart starring two Australians? We are joined by a special guest for the REBOOT/RECAST. (Hint: He mig…

Guest: Ed Ball

I Heard You Paint Houses: THE IRISHMAN

Jan. 1, 2020

It is what it is as we ring in 2020 and talk THE IRISHMAN. Joined by our resident Scorsesephile, Ed Ball, we dive deep into scorsese, the cast, and just what was the big deal with that fish. Ed and Chase also get into some e…

Guest: Ed Ball

Forty Two: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Sept. 11, 2019

This week our esteemed guest host Edward Cornelius “Corny Balls” Ball returns while Chaz is STILL away on vacation and we discuss a new cult classic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Join us as we discuss why the hell the Bri…

Guest: Ed Ball

Buy American: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Sept. 4, 2019

This week friend of the pod Ed Ball steps in to guest host! We discuss this cult classic 90s mock-umentary and break down the specifics of NFL rivalries vs Premier League rivalries!! Be sure to tell us how Eddy boy did by fo…

Guest: Ed Ball

The Movie Gap Anniversary: Die Hard 2: Die Harder pt 2

July 24, 2019

This is the second half of our giant sized annual episode discussing DIE HARD 2. Make sure to listen to part one first, or don't. I'm not your mom.

The Movie Gap Anniversary: DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER! Pt 1

July 24, 2019

Has it really been a whole year? Well its been 52 weeks and 52 episodes and that means ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! We talk about Die Hard 2 with fan favorite guests Ed, Miguel, and A. P. Stark for THE MOVIE GAP ANNIVERSARY: PODHARDER!…

What Are You Looking At, Butthead: Back to the Future

March 20, 2019

We are back this week with our special guest Ed Ball! We finish our discussion of the TIME-less classic BACK TO THE FUTURE. We find out exactly why Ed feels bad for biff and, of course, the REBOOT/RECAST!!! Let us know what …

Guest: Ed Ball

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads: Back to the Future

March 13, 2019

This week we mix it up a bit with special guest (and british guy) Ed Ball! We talk about Back to the Future because Ed needed his movie gap filled! Enjoy it, butthead.

Guest: Ed Ball