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I love it!

Super funny. Every single ep.

I don't like it, I LOVE IT

I do not want to speak in brash generalizations so I will just say THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST EVER. I have been listening since the early days and it just gets better! NAMINSPACE

Very Entertaining

This podcast looks at movies I love and the dynamic between Chase and Bryce is fantastic. Check it out.

Train wreck

This podcast is like a freight train of glitter exploding into a large gathering of elementary school children. Really sad but super entertaining.


Funny stuff, great chats... That Bryce guy has never seen anything and that is weird.


I like my movie podcasts medium rare, and this one was beautifully cooked with Gordon Ramsey precision. If there’s only one show you gonna listen too- I’d say listen to “How Did This Get Made”... But if there’s only 2 shows you gonna listen to, this would have to be the second one (after “How Did This Get Made, naturally).

I will make sure I will see that now!!

Thank you guys for minding my Gap in movies and providing the insight I needed. You have also created such laughter for me from beginning to end! Keep more episodes coming