March 21, 2023

You Can't Handle The Truth: A Few Good Men

You Can't Handle The Truth: A Few Good Men
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The JAG/Seinfeld crossover you didn't know you needed!! On this episode of The Movie Gap, we're diving into the legal drama "A Few Good Men." Bryce is coming in blind, never having seen this classic film, while Chase is feeling pretty cocky about his knowledge of the court system. Things start off with Bryce immediately getting confused about who's who when it comes to screenwriters, playwrights,  and Director. Bryce also has to relearn who Christopher Guest is married to. The guys discuss who still has Demi Moore energy and what makes a good Cruise movie and a good Cruise performance. Will this film stand at attention to films of today? Is it as iconic as it seems to be? What exactly is a JAG? Will anyone even listen to this episode when they hear just how hoarse Bryce is this week? Listen now to find out! NAMINSPACE.