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Fun Deep Dive in Dan

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Aykroyd’s work, in general. But you don’t have to be a crazy, obsessed fan to appreciate this podcast. The episodes are very enjoyable, and I do appreciate how Scott stretches into other content beyond movies. If you’re a fan of comedian Scott White, and you like this podcast - he also hosts the Burt Reynolds/Charles Bronson podcast too.

Love this Podcast

This podcast is a blast. The host is hilarious and I love his report with guests. Its so fun to hear about the projects I am familiar with, but it is just as much fun to hear about the lost shows and movies, some of which I have never heard of!

Aye, aye, Aykroyd!

A podcast about Dan Aykroyd’s projects? What a fantastic theme! He’s such a great comedic actor whether in a bit part or major role. I look forward to learning about some lesser known bits he has had over the years.


I once had Dan Aykroyd brand wine on a flight to Canada. This podcast is better.

Interesting 🧐

Not a fan of dan but this podcast seem cool!!! Never heard of any of these movies but I might look some up!


I love Dan Aykroyd and this podcast really hits the hight points. I suggest you check it out. Espically if you are a Dan Aykroyd fan.

An absolute blast!!!

If your a Dan Aykroyd fan like I am you will have an absolute blast with this podcast. I laughed and laughed and Really wanted to hang out with Scott and discuss the movie more!! That's a good show!! Well done!! 10 years!!!!! Laura MCD Ivy League Murders


If your a Dan Akroyd fan it’s a must add to your playlist. The host gives an in depth breakdown of his movies and what is recommended to watch. Entertaining from beginning to end. Looking forward to more!