Feb. 15, 2023

City Of Crime Music Video

City Of Crime Music Video

Remember when MTV ruled the airwaves?  I sure do!!!   I also remember the 80s where a lot of movies would make a corresponding music video to promote their film.  My returning guest Sean Penalber and I talk about the music video City Of Crime that is connected to the 1987 movie Dragnet.  We talk about Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hank's performances and singing in the video.  So, go on back to the 80s and enjoy...but not too much, because it was the 80s!!!  Please follow Sean on all his social sites and listen to his music How'd A Thunk It on all major music platforms.   Also, you can support this podcast here, or on my Patreon page with the link below.  This podcast can be found on Cross The Strems Media Platform.






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