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Keeps getting better

These guys are really finding their way with this podcast. You can hear the progression of thief comfort level with every episode. The latest one is their best to date “Game of Thrones”. Give them a try if you are into pop culture at all. Fun and insightful

Well done!

Was nervous going into an episode on cancel culture/separating art from artists but walked away with some thoughts to chew on and appreciative of the conversation, especially the willingness to disagree in a productive way. Look forward to also checking out some of the “lighter” episodes. :P Thanks for sharing!

An OK Podcast…..but Better

Edited per (Not) Alexander’s request. This is a fun podcast that relies heavily on the talent and knowledge of hosts and sometimes Alex. The show is fun when the hipster hate is left out. 5 stars and a bag of Funyuns.

New to podcast

I’m new to podcasts and heard through friends to listen to these guys. I’ve gone back and listened to past episodes to catch up and have become fully invested. I love how the hosts interact with each other. They are all knowledgeable and I get a good laugh from time to time. I look forward to listening to more!

Dynamically gripping podcast

Love, love, love this podcast. One of my all time favs. These guys know their stuff. Listen and learn.

My second favorite podcast!

Great podcast I’ve been enjoying it for years

Alexander Makes An OK Podcast…..Better

This is a fun podcast that relies heavily on the talent and knowledge of host Alex. I’m sure that he must be in a back brace from carrying this show on his back. His co-hosts….they’re on the show too…..I guess.

Best podcast ever!

Halloween bracket podcast was awesome! A must listen show. One of the best podcasts ever. Fun and laugh out loud funny. These guys are insightful and a joy to listen to. I will be tuning in every week. I even go back and listen to old ones I missed. Luv it!

Fun and insightful

One of the best podcasts ever. Fun and laugh out loud funny. These guys are insightful and a joy to listen to. I will be tuning in every week. I even go back and listen to old ones I missed. Luv it!

Funny and Fun

These guys put the fun in fun things to talk about!

Great for nerds like me

I love all the topics that this podcast covers. I am a huge nerd and I love the take the hosts have on the shows and movies they cover here.

Secondary shorts - lots of fun

I love hearing about the latest in pop culture, while having a ton of fun listening. Just four regular guys talking with you, not elitists talking down to you. Love listening to these guys. Always hear something new and interesting

Listen to these Nerds

It’s like listening to friends talk about everything you’re into. The different personalities of these guys mesh well and keep you listening and the topics are on point. The podcast gets better and better with each episode. Listen, you will not be disappointed and you’ll be better informed on everything Pop Culture.

Very Fun!

First time listener. I really enjoyed the content and the humor. Feels like I’m at a comic book shop just chatting it up with the owner/workers I feel like adding a female member would really balance you guys out. I’ll be tuning in next week.

Great podcast for nerd culture!

I love this podcast! It’s funny, current and everything that’s good about nerd culture. All it takes is one episode and you’ll find yourself going back to listen to all the previous episodes.

New Listener

Brought here via Twitter and im going to be a long term subscriber, love the content and is easy listening whilst i work at my desk 5 STARS

Hosts With The Most...

...Entertaining podcast!!! The chemistry between these guys is on point, and hilarity hits the fan with every episode. Don’t try to catch every pop culture reference in one listen, your head might explode (so listen to every episode twice!), and their guest episodes are always too cool (the one with Tanner and Julie were my favorites so far!).

Love these guys

You guys are the best

Amazing and Enteraining

I recently tuned in for the first time and was immediately impressed! The quality of content, paired wit the appropriate amount of humor, made for a very entertaining listen. If you want to give your funny bone a chuckle, listen to this podcast!


I love this podcast. It is a very chill and fun and it is a great way to spend your free time. They cover a variety of topics with humor which makes this podcast very entertaining.

You gotta check this podcast out

One of my current obsessions. Love this podcast

Sscondary? Not in my book!!

Absolutely love this podcast! Keep up the great work guys!!

Great Chemistry

Always a fun listen. Great chemistry and banter. Always learn something new with their collective knowledge of all things geeky. Look forward to listening to every week.

Mind blown

Just listen, you’ll see (yes, I know what I did there)

Lovin it!

I really enjoyed this podcast talking about my favorite line of toys, Funko, and their new Hollywood location. I’m subscribed now and can’t wait for the next episode!

Nerds Unite

If you want a podcast with causal discussions about video games, collectibles, movies, comics, TV, and pop culture in general, this should be on your go-to list. (The Rougarou)

These guys are awesome!

I love Secondary Heroes! Quality content involving everything I love in pop culture and fandoms! I couldn’t recommend these guys more! Thank you for making my commute to and from work that much better!

Great New Podcast

Lots of great guests and a good podcast.


It’s good. And their fun to listen too


Newer podcast with some great personalities. Have a few things to work on like awkward silences and things but have great content and look forward to future content from them!

Second place is better than First Place

Seconday Heroes Review, What can i say about these boys...hummm They are amazing. From the singing intro to their ideas and opinion on pop culture. Can't forget their spoiler free movie section. I enjoy these guys since day one of episode one. When I got free time to watch them on mixer during some gaming stream. Continue to do great work guys. Remember always be Second Best =D


Great podcast. Love checking in every chance I can


Can’t wait to see all the new things coming from FigPin

Fun to listen in!

I really enjoy the content they been putting out!


I’m not really a podcast person but I really enjoyed listening to them. They are both funny and informative.

Secondary Heroes? More like Super Epic Heroes!

They keep it real! So knowledgeable and entertaining. I’d totally recommend them! So much epicness!

2 thumbs up!!!

Great podcast for the whole family! Love to listen to episodes with my son on our morning rides to and from his school.


I just recently started listening to this podcast and I LOVE that I have some catching up to do. At this point I’ve listened to 3 episodes all the way through and have LOVED every second! These guys are smart, fun and way funny! Each episode has been just as good as the last. I look forward to so much more from these guys!

One of the best pop culture Podcasts out there

The title says it all! It’s easily one of the best pop culture podcasts puts there. It feels like you are sitting around with your friends chatting about the latest pop culture trends in TV/Movies and more. Definitely worth a listen!

Good until...

Decent podcast

Excellent resource and lots of fun!

This podcast is a great way to deepen your knowledge of pop culture. Smart and fun conversations. Very much recommended!!

Secondary Heroes, Primary Podcast

Secondary Heroes is an amazing podcast. They talk about multiple topics, covering subjects that can appeal to anyone. Great and hilarious people, very enjoyable to listen to on a long car ride.

Secondary only in heroing...

These guys are truly winners in podcasting. I’m always entertained, informed and sometimes confused. That last one is only when they discuss Fortnite. Otherwise, it’s so much fun. I recommend you give it a listen.

Very Entertaining

I've listened to a couple episodes and it's very entertaining. Keep it up!

Awesome podcast!

Love this podcast helps me get ready for all things SDCC!


Love this podcast! Content is really great and entertaining 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Amazing content

It’s great to hear some advice from experts and know the information you’re hearing is legit. As someone who has not gone to SDCC before but hopes to attend one day, hearing the craziness of the convention oddly makes me more excited for the future. I’ve been to Disneyland plenty of times so maybe I can handle the insanity compared to the 1st year old birthday party! ;D

Perfect podcast

I love secondary heroes podcast!!! It’s always so entertaining and hilarious. Everyone that’s on the show are so fun to listen to. It’s such an amazing helpful podcast!

Lifesaver on commute

Love listening to this on my commute in the morning to work. Hilarious and fun, definitely a great podcast.

Superb podcast

Great tips all round! Always a great listen.


Great tips and very useful info, especially for first timers. Good knowledgeable guest, Been following Corgi on Twitter for about 3 years and always make sure to read his tips and follow his giveaways. Very true, don't overpack and bring an extra suitcase.


Love them, great podcast!

Tune in and enjoy.

I am new to the podcast and am stoked to have so much content to enjoy. Host vibes are so important to a podcast and I am excited to hang with these folks. Its like I have new best friends. Huge thumbs way up!!

Heroes indeed

This podcast does a great job of having a little bit for everyone! Even if it’s not a topic that you might personally fee vested in, the content is great and you will find something in each episode that connects with you! Keep up the good work guys, I’ll definitely keep listening!

Love it

One of my fav podcasts I love it!!!!! 100% recomended

Podcast fans will enjoy

One of the best podcasts I have listened to. Entertaining and great to hear whenever there is down time. You will not be disappointed.


This podcast is FUN, and easy to listen to. Great topics and awesome personalities that really make me relate!!

Nerds ftw!

This is a great, fun podcast to get caught up on gaming, movies, comics, and the like. Always great for a laugh and a break from mundane workday or the endless doom and gloom news cycle.

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast and I love all the topics that they cover. They do a great job making it interesting for everyone even if you don’t necessarily follow the topic that they’re talking about.

Great podcast

This podcast is extremely entertaining and easy to listen to. I’m a new listener but I became easily addicted and can’t wait til I’ve finished listening to all the old episodes.

💯An amazing podcast for fans of pop culture!!!

As a big fan of movies and TV shows, I guarantee that this podcast is gonna be something you really love and enjoy🤩😍♥️!!! I’ve listened to most of the episodes and found it was absolutely pleasant to listen to the guys causally discussing the movies,shows,and celebrities I like especially when they had really cool and great insights. Sometimes I just couldn’t help laughing and feeling like joining them!!!!! Really looking forward to the updates😆😆😆!!!!!!!!

Always entertaining!

No matter the topic (and honestly, I’ve loved every one so far), you’re guaranteed a laugh and some fun conversation every episode! Do yourself a favor and listen - it’ll make you want to be just slightly less than the best so you too can achieve that second place finish! 😄🙌💯

Current and Comedic

I find my self laughing right along with these guys as they talk about what’s trendy. Loving their Game of Thrones season 8 recap and the avengers endgame episode was awesomeness.

Great podcast to relax too!

Great podcast to listen to after a hard days of work with a cool dirnk!

Keeps getting better

These guys are really finding their way with this podcast. You can hear the progression of thief comfort level with every episode. The latest one is their best to date “Game of Thrones”. Give them a try if you are into pop culture at all. Fun and insightful

So fun!!

Best way to listen to the best nerd news


Awesome show with great opinions about nerd news. I look forward now to every episode! Not a bad episode yet. Keep 'em coming!

Movies & TV chat with friends

Love these four guys just having a fun and lively conversation about the latest in movies and tv! Keep it up guys, can’t wait for the next episode.

Pop Culture Rundown

Listen to four friends talk about the latest in movies, tv, conventions, collectibles, and more. Always a joy to listen to, the twilight zone episode is great!

Playful Incite on Pop Culture

What do you get when you combine 4 very different personalities and views on pop culture? Secondary Heroes! These varying opinions kick off interesting discussions on gaming, movies, and all other nerdy topics. Continue the fun by following their gaming stream on Mixer. Amazing podcast!

Amazing Podcast

This is the hands down best podcast around. I can’t wait to see how high they guys can fly.

1st place guys in a 2nd place podcast

I’m always love finding new podcast and I find myself joining in on the conversation when I listen to these four guys. It’s good fun and the topics always peak my interest.


I love how this show feels like 4 friends talking about what’s going on in pop culture! When I listen I find myself chatting along with them. Fun show with great guys. I look forward to more from this podcast. It’s worth listening to the end for the click bait of the week, that always has me rolling. 😂😂😂

Great Start, Lots of Pontential!

Writing this 4 episodes in, but I have enjoyed all 4 episodes. Trevor, Danny, Josh, and Alex do a great job interacting each other and balancing each other during these discussions. Movies, TV, Video Games, Streaming Services, and collectibles are just some of the topics "the boys" discuss in detail. I look forward to where they go with this, and love they intigrate social media (twitter & Instagram) along with mixer streams to link everything together. Keep up the great work!

🥈🦸‍♂️ are awesome!

These 4 guys are crazy! But in the best possible way! 😆 Listen for fun conversations about movies, TV, vid games (especially Fortnite), collecting Funko, and other awesome stuff. Keep up the great work Heroes!🥈🦸‍♂️

Nothing Secondary here

Looking for the best place to go for a conversation among friends about everything going on in Pop Culture? then this is the Podcast for you. but dont take my word for it. give it a listen. you wont regret it.

Fun listen!

Great range of discussions on fandoms and pop culture happenings! Looking forward to hearing more!


This podcast has got it all, THEY ROCK! Talking pop culture, video games, movies, tv, FUNKO! Each one of these guys brings 110 percent every time and it’s a blast! Definitely a must if you are into just about everything cause they hitting lots of topics during their podcast, and it’s all perfect for listening! Check them out!

Fantastic Podcast!

If you’re a pop culture fan, you’ll love this podcast! They talk about a variety of different topics such as movies, television shows, video games, and collectibles! It’s very fun to listen to and keeps me entertained while I’m working at my desk.

Great start!

Just 4 episodes in and these guys are killing it! Lots of great discussion about a bunch of topics surrounding pop culture! Highly recommended!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Still early with this podcast but it’s a ton of fun so far!

Fun, Witty, Just like Friends

Love listening to this podcast. They talk about movies, tv shows, games and Funko. They do admit how horrible they are at playing games. Give them the point for honesty. It’s like listening to your friends, while they do humor, side jokes and still know about the topic. Give them a try, you’ll like it.