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1st in our hearts, 2nd in everything else.

What do you get when you combine varying personalities and views on pop culture? Secondary Heroes! This kicks off interesting discussions on gaming, movies, and all other nerdy topics. Amazing podcast!

Pop culture podcast perfectly presented by pals

It’s not PUZZLING why this podcast is one of my all time favorites! Give it a listen and see for yourself! And enjoy the best in pop culture podcasting!

Surprisingly good show

This show is silly and smart. I really enjoy that these guys seem to have fun with whatever they are talking about.

Great show!

Great chemistry between the hosts and just an absolute joy to listen to!

This podcast….

IS AMAZING! The Secondary Heroes are first in our hearts & 2nd….in everything else?? You can tell the guys are friends, they have a great chemistry. I love all things geek and this podcast does not disappoint. If you need a laugh and a dose of pop culture mixed with geekery (do not know if that’s a word) follow and listen to the Secondary Heroes!

Keeps getting better

These guys are really finding their way with this podcast. You can hear the progression of thief comfort level with every episode. The latest one is their best to date “Game of Thrones”. Give them a try if you are into pop culture at all. Fun and insightful

Well done!

Was nervous going into an episode on cancel culture/separating art from artists but walked away with some thoughts to chew on and appreciative of the conversation, especially the willingness to disagree in a productive way. Look forward to also checking out some of the “lighter” episodes. :P Thanks for sharing!

An OK Podcast…..but Better

Edited per (Not) Alexander’s request. This is a fun podcast that relies heavily on the talent and knowledge of hosts and sometimes Alex. The show is fun when the hipster hate is left out. 5 stars and a bag of Funyuns.

New to podcast

I’m new to podcasts and heard through friends to listen to these guys. I’ve gone back and listened to past episodes to catch up and have become fully invested. I love how the hosts interact with each other. They are all knowledgeable and I get a good laugh from time to time. I look forward to listening to more!

Dynamically gripping podcast

Love, love, love this podcast. One of my all time favs. These guys know their stuff. Listen and learn.

My second favorite podcast!

Great podcast I’ve been enjoying it for years

Alexander Makes An OK Podcast…..Better

This is a fun podcast that relies heavily on the talent and knowledge of host Alex. I’m sure that he must be in a back brace from carrying this show on his back. His co-hosts….they’re on the show too…..I guess.

Best podcast ever!

Halloween bracket podcast was awesome! A must listen show. One of the best podcasts ever. Fun and laugh out loud funny. These guys are insightful and a joy to listen to. I will be tuning in every week. I even go back and listen to old ones I missed. Luv it!

Fun and insightful

One of the best podcasts ever. Fun and laugh out loud funny. These guys are insightful and a joy to listen to. I will be tuning in every week. I even go back and listen to old ones I missed. Luv it!

Funny and Fun

These guys put the fun in fun things to talk about!

Great for nerds like me

I love all the topics that this podcast covers. I am a huge nerd and I love the take the hosts have on the shows and movies they cover here.

Secondary shorts - lots of fun

I love hearing about the latest in pop culture, while having a ton of fun listening. Just four regular guys talking with you, not elitists talking down to you. Love listening to these guys. Always hear something new and interesting

Listen to these Nerds

It’s like listening to friends talk about everything you’re into. The different personalities of these guys mesh well and keep you listening and the topics are on point. The podcast gets better and better with each episode. Listen, you will not be disappointed and you’ll be better informed on everything Pop Culture.

Very Fun!

First time listener. I really enjoyed the content and the humor. Feels like I’m at a comic book shop just chatting it up with the owner/workers I feel like adding a female member would really balance you guys out. I’ll be tuning in next week.

Great podcast for nerd culture!

I love this podcast! It’s funny, current and everything that’s good about nerd culture. All it takes is one episode and you’ll find yourself going back to listen to all the previous episodes.

New Listener

Brought here via Twitter and im going to be a long term subscriber, love the content and is easy listening whilst i work at my desk 5 STARS

Hosts With The Most...

...Entertaining podcast!!! The chemistry between these guys is on point, and hilarity hits the fan with every episode. Don’t try to catch every pop culture reference in one listen, your head might explode (so listen to every episode twice!), and their guest episodes are always too cool (the one with Tanner and Julie were my favorites so far!).

Love these guys

You guys are the best

Amazing and Enteraining

I recently tuned in for the first time and was immediately impressed! The quality of content, paired wit the appropriate amount of humor, made for a very entertaining listen. If you want to give your funny bone a chuckle, listen to this podcast!


I love this podcast. It is a very chill and fun and it is a great way to spend your free time. They cover a variety of topics with humor which makes this podcast very entertaining.

You gotta check this podcast out

One of my current obsessions. Love this podcast

Sscondary? Not in my book!!

Absolutely love this podcast! Keep up the great work guys!!

Great Chemistry

Always a fun listen. Great chemistry and banter. Always learn something new with their collective knowledge of all things geeky. Look forward to listening to every week.

Mind blown

Just listen, you’ll see (yes, I know what I did there)

Lovin it!

I really enjoyed this podcast talking about my favorite line of toys, Funko, and their new Hollywood location. I’m subscribed now and can’t wait for the next episode!