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3 Beers and some fun chats

Great group of friends just shooting the breeze about everything I am interested in! I really love the sub-show they are doing where they rewatch the MCU in chronological order.

Very Entertaining

I was very entertsined by this podcast. If you are are looking for a good time check this one out you will not be dissapointed.

Some men want to watch the world burn

Love listening to the pod since being introduced to it by Bernie. What has become my favorite troupe of the show has been the ongoing everyone vs Ramy rivalry where all the guys let him do his thing then just troll him for it. At first, I wondered why they would do it but with each episode it is becoming crystal clear why and it culminated with the MCU Avengers episode. To me the only truly egregious thing he said was when he picked Paul Rudd/Antman over Chris Hemsworth/Thor as his MCU man crush. That’s when I realized that he is one of those men that want to watch the world burn. Keep up the solid work guys! Y’alls episodes make for a great way to pass the work day by.

Listen Here to Have a Good Time (And a Beer)

If a casual hangout with beer and pop culture is your thing, then give this crew a try! Great rapport between the hosts. Everyone is interesting and engaging. Lots of casual, witty banter and humor throughout each episode. Always fun to find out what they're drinking and doing!

Great chemistry

Just found the podcast 100 episodes in- I tend to like podcasts where the folks have good chemistry and make it feel like you’re part of the conversation. This podcast delivers on that. If you like talking about pop culture (movies, video games, etc), check this one out.

Superb stuff gentlemen

What an awesome find. You 4 really seem like best friends. I like the chemistry you put into the cast each week and the content is always outstanding. Awesome job. If you like nerd and geek stuff, listen now.


Funny and informative, y'all banter well together. Keep up the good work!


Great for daily commute... Love the characters on the show. You guys need to make Adam T-shirts with sound chips in it with dialogues.