Jan. 24, 2023

The Last Movie Star

The Last Movie Star
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We are back with Burt Renyolds swan song movie The Last Movie Star.  Steph DeWaegeneer is back, and we talk about one of Burt's final movies. How does he   handle the roll and how close does this movie parallel his real life?  Does his acting hold up t 81?  Will this movie make you sad?  Will this movie make you reevaluate Burt's career?   Have a listen and see if this podcast makes you want to watch the movie, or if you have seen it, do you agree with what we say?  Please support this podcast here on Anchor, or on my Patreon page below.  This podcast can be found on Cross The Streams Media Platform. www.patreon.com/scottwhite www.scottyblanco.com www.twitter.com/scottwhite91 www.instagram.com/scottwhite1968 www.crossthestreamsmedia.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scott-white5/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scott-white5/support