June 27, 2022

My Name Is Earl Episodes: Jump For Joy/Two Balls...Two Strikes

My Name Is Earl Episodes: Jump For Joy/Two Balls...Two Strikes
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I'd like to welcome my first time guest Julie Drake onto the show and we talk about two episodes of My Name Is Earl.  One features Burt Reynolds as Chubby and one with Norm Macdonald as Little Chubby.  We talk about both episodes, our back ground with the show and our love for both Burt Reynolds and Norm Macdonald.  Julie and myself are stand up comics, so we compare certain aspects of the show to our comedy background.  Please check it out.  Also, please check out Julie from her links below.  You can support this podcast here on Anchor, or with the Patreon link below. www.Patreon.com/scottwhite www.scottyblanco.com www.instagram.com/scottwhite1968 www.twitter.com/scottwhite91 www.instagram.com/juliecomedy www.facebook.com/julidrakecomedy www.tiktok.com/juliecomedy1 www.crossthestreamsmedia.com  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scott-white5/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scott-white5/support