Sept. 21, 2021

The HTOWN Brewery Challenge

Welcome to Season 2 of the Beering Ain’t Easy Podcast! We’re bringing you all the best parts of season one but adding on the #HTOWNBREWERYCHALLENGE, a quest to visit every brewery within 50 miles of Houston, TX. Come meet the newest member of the Beering Ain’t Easy family, Ryan, BS about suburb craziness and urinal etiquette, and review our first 6 breweries: Misfit Outpost, Fortress BeerWorks, Stovetop Brewing, SpindleTap, Senate Avenue, and Galveston Island Brewing!

Featured Beers:

Houston Haziest. SpindleTap Brewery, Houston, TX. 10.5% ABV.

Six Demon Bag. Eureka Heights Brewing Co., Houston, TX. Belgian Strong Ale. 12% ABV.

Featured Breweries (HTOWN Brewery Challenge Tracker)

Misfit Outpost

Fortress BeerWorks

Stovetop Brewing (Craft Beer Cellar Cypress)

SpindleTap Brewery

Senate Avenue Brewing

Galveston Island Brewing


Other Shout-Outs

Beer Chronicle Houston

@hoppywonderwoman on Instagram

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time


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