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Happy Fun Time

I like to listen to this podcast and have fun time

Awesome Podcast! Highly Recommend

A weekly must listen. Great personalities, and topics. Very relatable down to earth guys. Defiantly check them out.

STS forever. And ever. And ever.

This podcast is a terrific listen for many things geek and pop culture. I often find myself laughing along whilst I listen at work, which is something I truly don’t try to do as to bother my coworkers but these guys just have a specific comedic gait that gets me.

Super Terrific Studs!

Whether they are reviewing the latest Marvel movie or doing something random and silly, The STS Guys are a must listen!

Love all things pop culture? Give them a subscribe!

The STS guys know their stuff when it comes to pop culture! It’s my first episode in and I’ve already laughed out loud a handful of times. They’ve won a subscriber. Highly recommend this for fellow nerds!

These guys are great

The STS Guys is one of the most enjoyable podcasts that I’m subscribed to. Most of my library consists of sports, but with my enthusiasm for many things nerdish (anime and manga, American superheroes, geeky pop culture) I looked around for other listening pleasures and found this one. These guys are funny, relatable, and creative. I listen to each episode, every week and sincerely enjoy each one of them. They also do great giveaways. Hope these guys stick around for a long while!